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As a RLE Channel Partner, you have access to a number of benefits and tools that will assist you in your marketing, sales, and support efforts. Below you will find a library of assets to leverage as you promote and sell RLE’s products.

If you would like to upgrade to Preferred Partner status, please explore the Preferred Program details on the tab below and contact your RLE Representative today.

Project Registration

RLE is pleased to offer project registration to our partners.  Project registration is designed to protect your interests, opportunities, and efforts.

  • Project registration is only offered to partners.
  • When your registration is approved, you will receive an additional discount on the registered opportunity.
  • Once a project is registered, RLE will not give additional registered pricing discounts to anyone else for that same project.

Project registrations are valid for 90 days, but we know some projects take more than 90 days from inception to P.O.

As long as you remain engaged in the opportunity and keep RLE up to date on the status of the opportunity, you can extend the registration period for longer than the standard 90 days.

Our project registration process is designed to accommodate individual projects, not entire accounts, locations, or entire companies.  As such, registrations are granted on a per project basis.

Download this file to review complete project registration details -> RLE Project Registration Guidelines

If you have any questions regarding project registration, contact us!

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    This information is required and represents the actual customer who will be using the products, not the reseller. If end user information is not provided, the project cannot be registered.
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  • Primary Contact For This Opportunity

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