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Original WiNG-MGRA global microchip shortage is impacting manufacturers worldwide and RLE products are not immune. We have worked with foresight and diligence to procure as much safety stock as possible and do not currently see short-term or long-term impacts to the manufacturability or supply of our products.

The one exception to this statement is our recently released WiNG-MGR v2, an update of our popular WiNG-MGR product. One of the components we use on the WiNG-MGR v2 has become scarce. While we continue to actively search for this part, we have decided to revert to our previous release and sell our original WiNG-MGR. Our original WiNG-MGR is not affected by the chip shortage and we do not anticipate any sourcing problems going forward. By rolling back to the WiNG-MGR, we can minimize impact and uncertainty for our customers and ensure a steady supply of wireless WiNG-MGR products. This statement applies to both the 900MHz and 868MHz versions of these products.

Any WiNG-MGR v2 and WiNG-MGR products already purchased and deployed are not affected by this change.

All of RLE’s WiNG and WIFI wireless sensors work seamlessly with either version of the Manager.

If you plan to purchase and deploy the WiNG-MGR as a middleware product used only to pass wireless sensor readings to a larger BMS or DCiM platform, you will see little impact from this change.

If you plan to purchase and deploy the WiNG-MGR as a stand alone solution, please note that the following WiNG-MGR v2 features are not available on the WiNG-MGR:

  • Mapping – DeltaView mapping is not available on the WiNG-MGR.
  • HTTPS– The WiNG-MGR does not support HTTPS or TLS. This also means the WiNG-MGR cannot send e-mails to servers that require TLS connections.
  • Calibration Adjustment – The WiNG-MGR v2 can offset both temperature AND humidity values, while the WiNG-MGR only offers a temperature offset.
  • Logging – The WiNG-MGR v2’s enhanced logging can log both temperature and humidity at 5 minute intervals, while the WiNG-MGR logs temperature and humidity readings at 10 minute intervals or temperature only readings at 5 minute intervals.

Click HERE to learn more about the WiNG-MGR.

We continue to work independently and through our suppliers and manufacturing partners return to WiNG-MGR v2 production as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this situation and are happy answer your questions about WiNG products and compatibility. Please reach out to us any time at [email protected].

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