One Alarm, Multiple Systems? You Need An RA1x2!

Cam Rogers has been in the leak detection and monitoring industry long enough to have seen just about everything – the good, the bad, and most things in between.  Lucky for us (and you!) he’s willing to share those experiences with us all.  This week we touch base with Cam, who gives us the inside track on multi-use products.

It is no secret that RLE Technologies has several products that are multi-function.  For instance:

– The LDRA6 can be used for leak detection or for alarm (dry contact) annunciation.

– The F200 can be used as an alarm notification device as well as a single zone leak detection panel with IP capabilities.

But many people still aren’t familiar with the multi-functionality of our RA1x2.  It’s one of my favorite products, and here’s why:

The RA1x2 can be used as a single (dry contact) input alarm annunciation panel to provide a localized alarm

– and –

it can also be used as a splitter to route a dry contact signal to multiple destinations.

Why would anyone want to split a dry contact signal?

Let’s say you have a local annunciator alarming when the status of a dry contact signal changes.  You would like to maintain that local annunciation, but you’d also like to integrate that same dry contact into a management or alarm notification system such as our Falcon.  This will help get alarms to the right people even when nobody is on site to hear them!  Use the RA1x2 to electrically isolate that dry contact input into two unique alarm signals.   You can route one to the local annunciator and the other to your BMS or your Falcon FMS.  Local operators know when the point is in alarm status, and staff off site or out of range of the local alarm know there’s a problem (or the problem’s been resolved) too!

Need something more than just a one input / two output splitter? RLE also offers a RR10x20 (10 inputs / 20 outputs) and a RR20x40 (20 inputs / 40 outputs)

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