Triad Floors Adds AdaptivCool’s HotSpotr To Product Line

AdaptivCool HotSpotr fan tray with variable speed fans introduced as a solution to customer hot spots in data centers, now available through Triad.

Fort Collins, CO – September 26, 2017 – Triad Floors, a division of RLE Technologies and a leader in high-performance airflow panels for raised floor data centers, announced today that it has added a new variable speed fan tray to its data center raised floor line of products. Through a new partnership with Degree Controls, Inc., a Milford, NH based manufacturer of airflow sensors, instruments for measuring airflow, and custom-designed intelligent cooling solutions, Triad will now be able to offer its customers the AdaptivCool HotSpotr. The HotSpotr is currently in stock and ready to ship.

Designed to fit most raised floor environments and work with all Triad high-performance airflow panels, the HotSpotr eliminates hot spots by using temperature controlled variable speed fans to provide the appropriate cool air resources needed for mission critical servers, without depleting airflow required by other servers and rows within the room. The HotSpotr will be shipped with two temperature sensors, which are typically mounted in the server racks, to ensure that enough airflow is provided to maintain safe operating temperatures. This solution is perfect for high density racks, data centers with poor airflow due to underfloor congestion, and the elimination of hot spots that persist due to existing design and cooling dynamics. The HotSpotr can be quickly and easily installed by mounting it directly to an airflow panel or to the under-floor stanchions.

“The HotSpotr is a nice complement to the Triad product offering,” said Tim Hirschenhofer, Triad Senior Vice President. “This product helps to round out our data center flooring line of products, and we know our customers will appreciate the HotSpotr’s performance and benefits.”

“We are excited to partner with RLE Technologies and Triad to sell the HotSpotr line of products”, said Degree Controls General Manager, Bill Langille. “With Triad’s solid reputation in the critical environment raised floor industry and its well established distribution network, we’re excited about this new relationship between our two companies.”

About Triad Floors Inc.
Triad Floors, a division of RLE Technologies, is a leader in manufacturing high-performance airflow panels for raised floor data center environments. In response to the need for an efficient cooling panel that would fit into any new or existing raised access floor systems, Triad designed and patented cooling airflow panels that allow for an increase in rack density while remedying data center and server farm hot spot challenges.

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About Degree Controls, Inc.
Degree Controls, Inc., engineers airflow and delivers innovative solutions to thermal issues in a variety of mission-critical applications. They make environmental sensors, instruments for system performance testing, and control solutions that deliver precise air flow where and when it is needed most. Degree Controls does this at all scales of system infrastructure from miniature sensors for process controls in circuit board environments to comprehensive ventilation and cooling system controls for critical facilities.

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