Our commissioning services package helps you with the advanced configuration of your RLE leak detection and environmental monitoring systems.

A certified RLE technician will travel to your facility.

Before the RLE technician arrives, you’ve:

  • Completed final termination of all wiring.
  • Terminated all sensing cable.
  • Performed the initial power up of the unit.
  • Verified initial boot up of the system.
  • Configured Ethernet and serial network communications.
  • Configured protocol communications inputs from Slave units and outputs to Master units.
  • Configured the unit inputs, outputs, and leak detection settings.
  • Configured email notifications and Web interface login credentials (if applicable).

We will:

  • Test, calibrate, verify and trouble shoot inputs, outputs, and leak detection settings.
  • Map points for the pre-purchased and/or designed web interface graphic (if applicable)
  • Verify operation per the system application.
  • Test and verify protocol communication and integration into Slave and Master units.
  • Test email notifications (if applicable).