Designed to get you up and running, our Startup services package gets your RLE equipment powered up and online.

An RLE technician will travel to your facility and provide personalized support.

Before the RLE technician arrives, you do the basics:

  • Install and run all wiring.
  • Terminate sensing cable to the unit.
  • Provide power for the unit.
  • Label and document wiring that is ready for final termination.
  • Provide all communications parameters, i.e. IP addresses, protocol addresses, email addresses, login credentials, usernames and passwords.

We do the rest!

  • Verify wiring and complete final wiring termination to unit.
  • Perform initial power up of the unit.
  • Verify initial boot up of the unit.
  • Configure communications for the unit including Ethernet and serial networks.
  • Configure inputs, outputs, and leak detection settings.
  • Configure protocol communication inputs from Slave units and outputs to Master units.
  • Configure email notifications and Web interface login credentials (if applicable).