Custom Enclosures

RLE’s custom enclosures comfortably and securely house a wide variety of equipment options.

You can purchase equipment to be installed in the enclosure directly from RLE, or as a customer you can supply your own components you would like wired and installed in the enclosure and RLE can complete the assembly.

Enclosures come in three sizes, and our designers will help you select the enclosure that is best sized for your application.

These enclosures are durable and secure, and our experienced assemblers are highly qualified to build an enclosure designed to suit your specific needs.

UL Certification

Depending on the request for internal equipment, UL certification may be available for these custom panels. In accordance with RLE’s UL508a certification, RLE can engineer and manufacture custom panels and certify them under the UL label. If UL listing is critical to an application, contact RLE directly for further information.

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