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Watch our video to learn how airflow panels can be used to improve efficiencies in a raised floor data center.

Product Demo

Custom Logo Panel

An eye catching focal point in any facility, our logo panels balance branding and function to deliver the airflow or solid surface you expect with a design you and your customers will appreciate.

What Sets Our Custom Logo Panels Apart?

Unique and functional, these panels include a custom topsheet featuring your logo embedded into the design and function of our Triad raised floor panels.

Our mechanical engineer works with you to translate your logo and branding into a custom topsheet for our patented high CFM airflow panel or solid panel.  You choose your power coat color and finish from our available options.

All custom logo panels include our patented stratification fins – one of the hallmarks of Triad panels.  These fins allow you to direct the flow of air where you need it, eliminating hotspots and areas with poor air circulation.  The fins also provide increased upper server cooling, dropping server temperatures 5 to 15 degrees while lowering energy consumption in a matter of minutes.

Triad panels also include patented integrated handles.  You can put away that old screwdriver or suction cup lifter you used to pop floor panels.  Our integrated handles make lifting and moving panels fast, safe, and easy.

The Right Fit For Every Facility

RLE’s custom logo panels are available in Imperial or Metric sizing to drop into any new or existing raised floor system.

All Custom Logo Panels Feature:

  • Solid surface or grate pattern
  • Custom logo branding design
  • Patented integrated dual handles
  • Patented stratification fins
  • Custom selected powder coat finish
  • Horizontal and vertical levelers
  • Compatible with all new and existing raised floor systems

Imperial Size

Dimensions: 24″ x 24″ (610mm x 610mm)
Powder Coat Colors: Customer selects color from manufacturer’s available options.

Metric Size

Dimensions: 600mm x 600mm
Powder Coat Colors: Customer selects color from manufacturer’s available options.

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