Successful data center cooling depends on effective airfow supply and distribution. The HotSpotr intelligent air mover delivers cooling to server racks and eliminates hot spots without depleting airfow required by other servers and rows within a facility.

Easy Installation, Fits In Any Facility

The HotSpotr can be used with any high-flow panel to increase cooling effectiveness in a data center.  Using its two included remote temperature sensors, the HotSpotr automatically maintains safe rack inlet temperatures, enhancing the effectiveness of your CRAC units.  A single HotSpotr can monitor and service multiple racks.

HotSpotrs fit seamlessly into raised floor environments and are completely non-disruptive to other systems.  No server downtime or server rack movement is required for installation. Units use less than 127 mm (5”) of underfloor depth, eliminating the clutter of portable fans and spot coolers.

Installing HotSpotrs is not only the smart way to solve airflow problems, but also the most cost effective.  Twelve HotSpotrs supply the airflow equivalent of one 30-Ton CRAC with less than 1/3 the cost to implement and only 1/3 of the cost to operate per year.

Power: 110-240VAC @ 2.0A max., 50/60Hz

Power Connector: IEC C14 socket, accepts IEC C13 cordset

Included Equipment: One HotSpotr fan tray with two thermistor temperature sensors. Connections available for two additional thermistors.

Airflow: 1,200 CFM at 0 static pressure

Mounting: Direct to grate or brackets to stanchions

Dimensions and Weight: 22”W x 22”D x 2.6”H (558mmW x 558Dmm x 66Hmm), 16lb (7.2kg)

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