F-Series: F1000 and F3400 Support

The F1000 and F3400 are discontinued products. They have been replaced by the FMS.
F3400 discontinued environmental monitoring device

The F3400 and F1000 are discontinued, stand-alone, integration-friendly appliances which provide equipment protection by monitoring server room and other critical operating and environmental parameters in communication rooms, unmanned facilities, critical support systems, and enterprises worldwide.

F-Series systems are ideal for monitoring analog (4-20mA), digital dry contact, or thermistor signals from devices including temperature and humidity sensors, gas and smoke detectors, fire suppression systems, surveillance products, leak detection systems, power monitoring systems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), PDUs, generators, DC power plants, commercial power, HVAC units, ATSs and TVSSs.

Both the F1000 and F3400 accommodate up to four analog and four digital dry contact or thermistor signals, as well as two relay outputs. The F3400 allows for an additional 24 digital inputs.

Refer to the quick start guide and user guide for installation, configuration, and troubleshooting information.

File Type  
Datasheet - F-Series (330 KB) Download
Quick Start Guide - F-Series (879 KB) Download
User Guide - F-Series (2 MB) Download
Integration Guide - FMS (2 MB) Download
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MIB File - F-Series (198 KB) Download
Firmware - F-Series (440 KB) Download
Firmware Update List - F-Series (33 KB) Download
Add-on Leak Detection MIB File - F-Series (34 KB) Download

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