F200 Support

F200 zone leak detection controller

The F200 is a plug-and-play device that can monitor temperature sensors, temperature/humidity sensors, leak detection cable, and digital inputs.

Several pieces of documentation are available for the F200:

  • F200 Startup Guide – Use this guide first.  It helps you power up and connect the F200 to your network.
  • F200 Configuration Guide – Designed to be used after the Startup Guide has been completed, this provides more in depth unit configuration information.
  • F200 Modbus Registers – Lists and defines the Modbus registers used by the F200.

In addition, descriptions and tips are embedded into the F200 web interface.  Mouse over the question mark icons next to the fields in the web interface to learn more about what each option does, and how to configure the fields to best suit your application.

Make Sure You Have the Newest Firmware

To ensure you have all the most recent updates and features on your unit, update your firmware to the latest version. The most recent version of F200 firmware is located on the Downloads tab of this webpage.

Monitoring the F200 as an Egg in an FMS Nest

If you’d like to monitor the F200 as an egg in an FMS nest, both the FMS and the F200 must be running appropriate firmware. The FMS must be running firmware version 8.8.12 or newer, and the F200 must be running firmware version 3023, build 1420 or newer.

File Type  
Startup Guide - F200 - Use with FW v4100.1 and above (693 KB) Download
Configuration Guide - F200 - Use with FW v4100.1 and above (688 KB) Download
Digital Input Wiring Guide - F200 (96 KB) Download
Modbus Registers - F200 - Use with all versions of firmware (438 KB) Download
Quick Start Guide - F200 - Use with FW v3100.1 and below (839 KB) Download
Troubleshooting - F200 - Use with FW v3100.1 and below (207 KB) Download
File Type  
Firmware - F200 - Version 4100.18 (1 MB) Download
MIB File - F200 - Use with firmware versions 3021 and above (25 KB) Download

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