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FMS environmental monitoring device
The workhorse of RLE’s monitoring product line, the FMS can integrate with a wide variety of sensors and equipment.The bulk of support calls we get for the FMS revolve around installation and configuration issues.  We’ve worked hard to improve our user guide, so it’s easy to follow and understand.  Please consult these documents for the most recent installation, configuration, and troubleshooting information.Keep your FMS firmware up-to-date – the latest functionality and updates are just a click away!

  • Did you know FMS firmware updates are available online, and best of all, they’re FREE!  Click on the downloads tab to find the latest version of firmware, and refer to the user guide for complete firmware update instructions.
  • Now it’s even easier to monitor the F200 as an egg in an FMS nest.  Both the FMS firmware and the F200 firmware must be updated in order for the F200 egg feature to be completely functional: the FMS must be running firmware version 8.8.12 or newer, and the F200 must be running firmware version 3023, build 1420 or newer.

If you have an older, buff-colored FMS, it’s time to upgrade. As of July 1, 2016, we will no longer provide free support for these older discontinued FMS units*. We have negotiated a limited time trade in program to help you upgrade your Falcon FMS monitoring units to take advantage of the new functionality and avoid any disruption in your support. Take a look at the advantages of upgrading your FMS, and learn how the FMS trade in program works.

* Paid support will still be available after the July 1, 2016 date at a rate of $125/hour.

File Type  
Quick Start Guide - FMS (735 KB) Download
User Guide - FMS (9 MB) Download
User Guide - FMS Units with IPv6 (10 MB) Download
Configuration Worksheet - FMS (167 KB) Download
Sensor Wiring Guide - FMS (937 KB) Download
Frequently Asked Questions - FMS (176 KB) Download
Load Firmware and Configuration Data - FMS (315 KB) Download
Set Up SNPP Notification - FMS (570 KB) Download
Install an Internal Modem - FMS (224 KB) Download
File Type  
Firmware, version 8.8.21 - FMS (2 MB) Download
Firmware, version 8.7.49 - FMS (2 MB) Download
MIB File - FMS (272 KB) Download
SNMP MIB Objects and OIDs - FMS (52 KB) Download

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