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Once you learn how robust and user-friendly our equipment is, you want to install it everywhere. And we’re definitely proponents of that philosophy.

But what if you bought a little too much RLE gear and have some you wish to return?

Or maybe you have a problem with RLE equipment that can’t be solved using the technical documentation available on the website and need to ship it in for repairs?

We can help.

  1. Contact our technical support staff. They’ll discuss your issue with you and if they determine the product should be shipped back to RLE, they’ll provide you with a form to fill out to get the RMA Process started.
  2. Once you’ve filled out and submitted the form, our staff will contact you with an RMA number within three business days.
    • All equipment shipped back to RLE must have an RMA number associated with it.  Let us repeat: whether you over-purchased equipment or need to return gear for advanced troubleshooting, you must have an RMA number.
    • An authorized RMA number can only be issued by RLE Technologies Technical Support and is valid for 30 days.
  3. Review our our RMA procedure – available here – so you understand how our process works and have directions to help you ship your product back.

Please keep in mind that all returned equipment must be unopened and unused and that returns of any product within 90 days of its receipt are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Triad panels being returned to stock must arrive at RLE undamaged in order to receive credit. It is your responsibility to package the loads to prevent damage. Credit will not be issued for any panels received by RLE with damage.

Used products and products returned beyond 90 days of receipt are subject to an additional restocking fee.

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