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RLE Installations Outside the Data Center

Learn how RLE's knowledge, experience, and products have been leveraged in:

  • School districts, colleges, and universities
  • Multi-building campuses: Fortune 500 headquarters, healthcare, 911 call centers
  • Residences: high rise apartments, multi-million dollar homes
  • Storage facilities: libraries, warehouses, labs/specimens
  • Stadiums

Best Practices for Data Center Flooring and Containment

Explore best practices for data center flooring and containment, including:

  • Choose a Vendor Who Can Provide a Complete Solution
  • Load Considerations
  • Use Airflow Panels and Containment Strategically
  • How Fits-All Panels Provide Cost Savings

Protocol Integration Explained

We dive into product integration, a frequently discussed topic for both our sales and support teams:

  • How our vendor agnostic controllers communicate via protocols with each other and virtually any BMS or DCiM on the market
  • Communications protocol overview for Falcon and SeaHawk controllers including the FMS, F200, LD5200, and LD2100
  • Examples of these devices in a main and secondary communication design

Creating IAQ Baselines For Healthier Indoor Spaces

Creating indoor air quality (IAQ) baselines leads to measurable actions and strategies for healthier indoor spaces:

  • How is ionization impacting air born particulates?
  • How do I know if the air in a building is safe to breathe?
  • How does RLE's WiNG-CO2 wireless sensor fit into the IAQ conversation?

RLE and Higher Ed - Solutions For College and Universities

We're joined by customers from Clemson University and the University of Chicago to:

When Is Wi-Fi The Right Monitoring Solution?

Learn about wireless monitoring and when you should choose Wi-Fi vs. WiNG solutions:

  • Advantages of wireless monitoring
  • When to use Wi-Fi vs WiNG, and RLE's available options
  • How to address the six concerns of wireless and security
  • How to set up an RLE WIFI-TH transmitter
  • Stand-alone monitoring versus integrated via BACnet, Modbus, SNMP
  • Learn how RLE’s tech is being integrated into data centers and other buildings to solve problems

Real-Time  Monitoring For Hybrid Management Platforms

The need for a single-pane-of-glass view – for better uptime, capacity planning, and informed decision making - is more important now than ever. We discuss:

  • Key considerations for effective investments in monitoring, management and automation to improve efficiency.
  • How proactive and predictive monitoring offset outage potential
  • How foundational monitoring practices improve morale

Mitigating One of the Leading Causes of Business Downtime

We demonstrate how our SeaHawk leak detection solutions work so you can quickly detect a potential water leak before it becomes critical:

  • Do You Know Where Your Potential Source of Leaks Are?
  • Common Applications
  • Affects and Costs of Downtime
  • How Spot Detectors/Sensing Cable Are Used
  • The Difference Between Zone and Distance-Read Controllers


A Sneak Peek at Updates to Our WiNG-MGR!

Learn how the new WiNG-MGR performs through a tour of our LIVE web demo.

  • Leverage WiNG products for improved facility insight
  • Changes you’ll see with the new WiNG-MGR, including TLS/HTTPS, integrated mapping, offset adjustment for T/TH sensors, and enhanced logging functionality
  • Tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years of working with WiNG systems in various environments

Insider Info - Tips & Tricks!

Join our tech support experts as they share insider information:

  • Firmware Updates
  • Earth-Ground Loops and Isolated Power
  • Increase Sensor Signal Strength and Communication
  • Leak Detection: Test & Reset Your System; Mapping
  • Start Up & Commissioning Services
  • Benefits Of On-site Training

RLE Containment - A Deeper Dive Into Airflow Solutions

Learn about the different types of hot and cold aisle containment and explore how containment, coupled with RLE grommets, can be leveraged to improve airflow and efficiency in your facility. We discuss:

  • Hot and cold aisle containment
  • Quick airflow fixes
  • Best practices to reduce output from CRAC units
  • Plus, Q&A about your containment concerns

Design a Leak Detection System With
Help From the Tools Available at RLETech.com

Explore the resources and tools available on the RLE website, including:

  • Understand the information is required to design a leak detection system
  • Design best practices
  • Tools that are available on the RLETech.com website
  • Creating the final materials list

Improve Airflow with Raised Floors and Containment

Learn how effective cold aisle containment, raised floors, and airflow management work together to dramatically improve data center energy efficiency.

  • The role raised floors play in aisle containment and airflow management
  • How to manage bypass air at the floor level
  • How to match cooling capacity with IT load
  • Best practices for managing airflow capacity & volume in a contained aisle

Leverage WiNG to Gain Better Visibility Into Your Building

Learn how you can use the WiNG-MGR and WiNG sensors to gain better insight into your building.

  • Use WiNG to gain visibility into any building
  • How our customers leverage WiNG and the F200 to gather data
  • Learn how the WiNG-ANLG can pull ANY sensor with an analog output into the WiNG platform

DeltaView - RLE's Patented GUI

Take a look at RLE's DeltaView integrated facility mapping technology and explore topics including:

  • What is DeltaView and which RLE products offer it
  • A demonstration of DeltaView configuration in Falcon and SeaHawk products
  • Leveraging DeltaView to quickly identify and resolve site issues


RLE Enterprise Connectivity and Integration

Explore RLE's FMS and F200 monitoring products with topics including:

  • What an RLE Enterprise Facility Monitoring Solution looks like
  • Migration Path – How RLE products are integrated in to an existing enterprise strategy
  • Review example projects we've walked, designed or sold


Improve Efficiency Without Sacrificing the Health and Reliability of Your Facility

Take an in-depth look at efficiency topics including:

  • How data centers use so much energy
  • How to use data to pinpoint areas for improvement
  • How to leverage containment and airflow to improve energy efficiency

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