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Sometimes, seconds can mean the difference between running a red light and stopping with room to spare.  (And, hey, traffic violations can be pricey).

And sometimes the stakes are much higher.

Take, for instance, a water leak. Catching it early is the difference between the cost of a roll of paper towels and a massive water cleanup effort: new carpet, drywall, mold mitigation.

We'd prefer you catch those leaks early. So we've developed highly responsive, dependable leak detection cables and controllers. They detect your leaks in seconds, not hours or even minutes.  And the cable resets just as quickly.  Gently wipe it dry with a soft cloth or paper towels, and the sensing cable's ready to detect the next leak. 

Skeptical? We understand. That's why we've captured our systems in action. Take a look at our video and see for yourself.

Now that you've see the systems in action, take a look at the equipment that makes it all possible:

Conductive Fluid Sensing Cable  |   LD2100  |  LD5200

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