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Dear Valued Customer, It has recently come to our attention that we are no longer able to source our original “Grey Flek” color powder coat which has been our standard gray-colored powder coat since the origin of our Triad floor panel products. After working with several potential suppliers, we were unable to find an exact … Continued

Pathway in Technology Early College High School, or P-TECH, schools have seen success in Colorado since the program was first introduced in 2015. In a P-TECH school, students gain relevant work experience while they earn both a high school diploma and a tuition-free associate degree. Fort Collins’s Poudre High School was recently certified as a … Continued

Why Should You Monitor Carbon Dioxide? Carbon dioxide (CO2) has emerged as an important air quality metric. But why do we monitor CO2? We monitor CO2 so that we can track optimal conditions, helping people and plants thrive. Let’s look at two very different ends of the CO2 spectrum: People Are More Productive In Spaces … Continued

A Checklist For Raised Floor Solutions To Improve Airflow Great buildings start with great designs and when it comes to flooring and airflow, our Triad raised floor panel specialists have seen – and spec’d – it all. From raised floors to blanking panels, from airflow-blocking grommets to stringers and underfloor plenum panels. Our portfolio allows … Continued

An Easy Transition To Triad Custom Containment RLE custom containment is designed for durability, fit, and function. Our solutions represent the ultimate value in containment for data centers. From walls to doors to ceilings, Triad custom containment will fit your needs as well as your budget. Utilize this Custom Containment Checklist for a seamless transition … Continued

New firmware has been released for the FMS.  Firmware files are available on our Firmware Updates and MIB Files page. Firmware Updates and MIB Files page Firmware Release Notes – FMS

New firmware has been released for the LD5200.  Firmware files are available on our Firmware Updates and MIB Files page. Firmware Updates and MIB Files page Firmware Release Notes – LD5200

We’ve had several calls from concerned customers regarding a java virus, CVE-2021-44228. Details regarding this virus can be found here: https://www.oracle.com/security-alerts/alert-cve-2021-44228.html. Upon conferring with our Engineering and Technical Support teams, we can verify that this virus DOES NOT affect RLE products. Per our Director of Engineering, Ryan Clemens, “In regards to the recently announced CVE-2021-44228 … Continued

Install 4,000lb and 5,000lb Panels And Be Prepared For Future Growth With more than 35 years in the data center business, and drawing our employees’ 20+ years of flooring experience, we’ve just about seen it all. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned over the years – people always want their spaces to do … Continued

To our valued customers and partners, The past eighteen months have presented us with unique and unprecedented supply chain challenges. Across the marketplace we have experienced sudden and continuing cost increases to board-level components, raw materials, and services required for the manufacturing of our products. We have absorbed these repeated cost increases without raising our … Continued

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