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Long-Term Relationships Are The Key To Success

BROGAV Solutions, an adept and skilled sourcing partner of RLE Technologies, had a client who required leak detection products to be installed in a new white space area. The primary goal was to safeguard the space and equipment from water damage by promptly detecting any leaks to prevent structural and equipment harm. The customer emphasized the importance of lead time and pricing, and fortunately, RLE offered the best of both worlds.

Choosing The Right Product

BROGAV’s core vision is centered on delivering the ultimate customer experience, resolving mission-critical needs effortlessly. Thus, when selecting the most suitable products for their customers, BROGAV Solutions initially considered RLE’s LD5200, which offered distance-read leak detection, capable of monitoring up to 10,000 feet of sensing cable. However, after careful consideration, they concluded that it exceeded the customer’s requirements. Instead, they sought a monitoring solution that not only fulfilled the customer’s specific needs and unique applications but also provided ease of installation and superior performance.

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