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Article contributed by Michael Hadt.  You can reach Mike at mhadt@rletech.com. As They Say, “You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure” Schools and universities, hospitals, industrial plants, commercial buildings, and data centers use data to drive comfort, visibility, and safety. Though wireless monitoring can be easy, the data is only valuable if something is done … Continued

Now, more than ever, employees and students are working and studying remotely. Historically residences are occupied 30% to 50% of the day however in these uncertain times residential condos and apartments have seen their daily occupancies increased to 70% to 100%. This means up to 75% more water management is necessary in these living spaces. … Continued

** Updated January 4th, 2021 ** Dear Customers, The times we are living in today are both unprecedented and unpredictable. I think it is fair to say none of us have ever been through something quite like this and with the far-reaching impacts which are occurring. In an effort to protect the health and safety … Continued

The objective for every data center facility manager, other than ensuring that the required servers are up and running, is to reduce costs and improve efficiency. We all hear a lot about monitoring products that provide visibility to critical conditions and equipment allowing timely resolution of issues before they result in downtime. So, let’s focus … Continued

We regularly hear from site managers who are concerned about security risks and implementation challenges associated with the installation of a wireless monitoring system. While it’s true that wireless technology presents a different set of attack vectors than traditional wired sensors, it would be unfair to categorically declare all wireless sensor technology as inherently insecure. … Continued

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