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At RLE, we come to work every day with one goal in mind: providing our customers with peace of mind.

Your business - and its success - are important to us. That's why we engineer our products specifically to meet your critical goals: uptime, efficiency, and reliability. When you install RLE products in your facility, you can rest assured that they are backed by quality standards that are second to none.

Thousands of facilities worldwide rely on RLE’s products to protect them from disasters and improve operational efficiencies.
Take a look at just a few ways that we can help ease your mind:

I’m worried about fluid leaks.

Damage caused by leaks can be both sudden and devastating.
Our patented SeaHawk leak detection cables are the most reliable leak detection products on the market. Plus, we have a range of cables designed to work in specialized situations including chemical and rodent resistant cables, and low smoke/zero halogen options for sensitive and enclosed spaces.

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My campus is a challenge to monitor, and a leak would be catastrophic.

From the SEC to the PAC-12, from the BIG 12 to the Big Sky, we understand the unique challenges and demands higher ed facility managers face and we're here to help. RLE leak detection, monitoring, and raised floor products are used in colleges, universities, and school districts worldwide, and our experienced Services team can even install and commission RLE leak detection and monitoring products for you.

Read Our BIG 12 Case Study

RLE Big12 Product Install

My raised floors are letting cooled air escape in all the wrong places.

Plugging holes is one of the easiest ways to improve airflow and efficiency in any raised floor environment. If air can escape through holes in a raised floor you limit the effectiveness of containment and decrease your facility’s cooling efficiency.

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I need to do more with the airflow in my data center. How do I improve efficiencies?

More air isn't necessarily better air. Our high CFM airflow panels direct air where you need it: from the supply plenum, through the floor panel, and into the server fan. TierPoint saw impressive - and immediate - results with our floor panels.
Let us do the same for you.

RLE Improves TierPoint's Airflow & Thermal Management

RLE Chamfer High CFM Airflow Panel

I need to add monitoring – quickly.

WiNG wireless monitoring is a perfect fit. Facility managers worldwide trust WiNG products to monitor their ultra-critical facilities for temperature spikes, liquid leaks, CO2, airflow, and more.

  • Easy to install and retrofit
  • Highly reliable with built in security features
  • Instantly scalable
  • Sensors have up to a 12 year battery life
  • A wide variety of sensors helps you monitor any condition

Put WiNG to Work for You

I have monitoring but I don’t trust it. I need a product that really works.

Stop losing sleep over your leak detection and monitoring. Reliability is engineered into our products, and our customer service and support are truly second to none. Just ask the Cleveland Indians. We helped them select and install a dependable monitoring system so they can rest easy and focus on keeping those bases loaded.

RLE Knocks It Out Of the Park For The Cleveland Indians

RLE provides monitoring for the Cleveland Indians

I need a simple, budget friendly leak detection solution.

The LD310 is the leak detection controller you're looking for: single zone leak detection in a compact enclosure that monitors up to 300' of our patented leak detection cables and spot detectors.

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What facility monitoring concerns keep you up at night?

These are just a few of the problems RLE can help you solve. Our equipment is designed to work together to create customized solutions for your unique facilities. Discover for yourself all the different ways we can help.

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