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Your business revolves around sensitive assets.

Technology, documents, equipment, or even priceless works of art: no matter what assets you need to protect, RLE Technologies has a solution that will quickly detect an environmental threat and take action to either mitigate the problem or notify the people that need to know.

Thousands of facilities worldwide rely on RLE’s products to protect them from disasters. Take a look at just a few ways that we can help ease your mind.

I’m worried about fluid leaks.

We understand that fear: damage caused by water and fluid leaks can be both sudden and devastating. That's why we specifically designed the SeaHawk product line to be the most reliable stand alone leak detection product on the market.

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I have a small server room – but if that room has environmental issues I’m in BIG trouble.

Size is no indicator of importance. RLE’s most recent product release, the F200, was created with exactly that in mind. It was designed to protect small to medium sized facilities from the full range of environmental threats, at a price even small facilities can afford.

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My equipment can’t communicate with each other or with my BMS or NMS systems.

It's almost impossible to get anything done if everyone involved speaks a different language - that's why the UN employs translators. Let our Raptor product line translate for the critical equipment in your facility.

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We use caustic chemicals that can wreak havoc on my staff, my facility, and even my monitoring equipment.

Whether you use strong acids or highly potent base chemicals, as long as they're conductive, we can ensure you'll know almost instantly if you have a leak. Even better, you won't have to replace the cable afterwards.

Chemical Sensing Cable

I have a large, highly sensitive facility that needs to be protected against a broad range of environmental threats.

Facility managers worldwide trust RLE every day to protect their ultra-critical facilities from humidity, temperature spikes, liquid leaks, and more. Our streamlined facility monitoring systems are flexible, reliable, and vastly scalable.

Put the FMS to Work for You    

I have fluid leak detection but I don’t trust it. It sends false alarms and I’m tired of it ‘crying wolf’.

Stop losing sleep over your leak detection. Our patented Leak Sensing Cable protects against false alarms caused by dirt, debris, and other accidental triggers without sacrificing the cable’s sensitivity to genuine leaks.

Patented Sensing Cable - Engineered to Resist False Alarms

What facility monitoring concerns keep you up at night?

These are just a few of the problems RLE can help you solve. Our equipment is designed to work together to create customized solutions for your unique facilities. Discover for yourself all the different ways we can help.

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