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LD300 – Replaced by the LD310

LD2000 – Replaced by the LD2100

LD2500 – Replaced by the LD5200

LD5000 – Replaced by the LD5200

LD5100 – Replaced by the LD5200

LDZ4 – Replaced by the LDRA6

CT200 – Replaced by the Split Core Current Transducers

F110 – Replaced by the F200

The F110’s supported browser is Firefox. If you’re not using Firefox to view the web interface, you will experience issues. Make sure you are only using Firefox to access the F110’s web interface. If you are using Firefox and are sill experiencing problems:

  • Access the F110 through the web interface and restore the factory default settings. If you decide to restore the default settings, you will have to rediscover the F110. Make sure you write down the F110 MAC address before restoring the factory defaults.
  • Rediscover the F110. The discovery tool is available below.

F-Series: F1000 and F3400 – Replaced by the FMS

Falcon EM – Replaced by the FMS

Wondering what version of the FMS you have? The Falcon EM was manufactured in 2008 and packaged in enclosures that are a white/buff color.

FMS8, FMS20, FMS20U, FMS32 – Replaced by the FMS

GD100 – Replaced by the GD200


FDS-Wi – Replaced by the WiNG-MGR

Wi-MGR – Replaced by the WiNG-MGR

Wi-MGR-INT – Replaced by the WiNG-MGR

Wi-PR – Replaced by the WiNG-RXT

Wi-DIT – Replaced by the WiNG-DI

Wi-LD – Replaced by the WiNG-LD

Wi-TH2 – Replaced by the WiNG-TH

Wi-THS – Replaced by the WiNG-TH

Wi-THS-433 – Replaced by the WiNG-TH

Wi-THS-B – Replaced by the WiNG-TH

Wi-TS – Replaced by the WiNG-T

Wi-TS-433 – Replaced by the WiNG-T