Raised Floor and Airflow Products


Complete Airflow Solutions For Every Facility

Triad Floors was acquired by RLE Technologies in 2017, and we are proud to integrate this product line into our portfolio of data center airflow management and facility monitoring solutions.

Our airflow specialists have designed solutions for data centers around the globe. From raised floor panels to server rack blanking panels and underfloor plenum panels, our complete product portfolio allows us to work with you and the specific parameters of your facility to create a solution that addresses all your airflow needs.

Chamfer Panel

Floor panel with 56% open area and Triad’s patented stratification fin.

Slotted Panel

Floor panel with 65% open area and Triad’s patented stratification fin.

Aluminum Panel

Floor panel with 55% open area, cast aluminum construction, and grate design.

Hybrid Panel

Reduce aisle space between racks and direct airflow with this innovative panel.

ClearView Panel

Solid panel with a clear lexan insert that accommodates convenient underfloor viewing.

Cement Filled Panel

Durable panels with a laminate or bare top finish; available in a variety of weight ratings.

Woodcore Panel

Grey starlight laminate-topped wood core floor panel with integral trim.

Steel Panel

Solid steel panel with built-in handles and levelers; available in a variety of weight ratings.

Custom Containment

Individualized containment solutions designed specifically for your facility.

Blanking Panels

A proven, cost effective way to maintain proper airflow in your server racks.

Underfloor Plenum Panel

Underfloor Plenum Panels

Manage and direct airflow throughout your underfloor plenum space.

Avalanche Foam

Flame rated, pre-scored foam designed to fill gaps and fine tune airflow.