Raised Floor and Airflow Products

Blanking Panels

A proven, cost effective way to maintain proper airflow in your server racks.

Underfloor Plenum Panel

Underfloor Plenum Panels

Manage and direct airflow throughout your underfloor plenum space.

Avalanche Foam

Plenum-rated, pre-scored foam designed to fill gaps and fine tune airflow.


Attach to a chamfer or slotted panel for more precise airflow control.

Raised Flooring Accessories

All the supplies you need to complete your raised flooring BOM.

Genesis Flooring Accessories

Pedestal assemblies, stringers, and ESD sheets specifically for clean room environments.

Double Cup Lifter

Panel Lifters

The right lifting tools protect both your facility and staff from damage and injury.

Seismic Braces

The extra structural security and safety your flooring install requires.


Complete a seamless raised flooring install with ramp accessories.