Airflow Floor Panels

Airflow Panels With Patented Features

Why install outdated flooring panels when you can choose a solution that works to improve your facility’s airflow? Our chamfer and slotted panels both include patented stratification fins that direct chilled air exactly where it needs to be to balance airflow and eliminate hot spots in any facility, and our patented integrated handles make lifting and repositioning panels a breeze. Both panels can be adjusted to fit into almost any style and age of raised floor.

We even offer panels for specialty environments.  Our Hybrid panels make the most of tight quarters, allowing users to reduce the aisles in their data centers from 4′ wide to 3′ wide.

Chamfer Panel

Floor panel with 56% open area and Triad’s patented stratification fin.

Slotted Panel

Floor panel with 65% open area and Triad’s patented stratification fin.

Aluminum Panel

Floor panel with 55% open area, cast aluminum construction, and grate design.

Hybrid Panel

Reduce aisle space between racks and direct airflow with this innovative panel.