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Design a Leak Detection System With
Help From the Tools Available at
August 14, 2020 9:00 AM (MDT)

Featuring RLE Checklists and Configuration Tools

Register NOW to join us — Join Cam Rogers, Director of International & Western US Sales, to explore the resources and tools available on the RLE website. Cam will discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Understand the information is required to design a leak detection system
  • Design best practices
  • Tools that are available on the website
  • Creating the final materials list


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Improve Airflow with Raised Floors and Containment

Featuring Airflow and Containment Solutions

Originally presented on July 30, 2020 — Join Rob Huttemann, Senior Vice President of Operations, CEG, and Tim Hirschenhofer, Senior Vice President of Operations, RLE Technologies, to talk about best practices for your raised floors when using cold aisle containment. Learn how effective containment and airflow management work together to dramatically improve data center energy efficiency.

Rob and Tim discuss a variety of topics including:

  • The 4 R’s of Airflow Management – R is for Raised Floor
  • The role raised floors play in aisle containment
  • How to manage bypass air at the floor level
  • How to match cooling capacity with IT load
  • How floor panels affect airflow management
  • Best practices for managing airflow capacity & volume in a contained aisle


Leverage WiNG to Gain Better Visibility Into Your Building

Featuring the WiNG-MGR, WiNG Sensors, and the F200

Originally presented on July 9, 2020 — Join Mike Hadt, RLE's Midwest Account Manager, to learn how you can use the WiNG-MGR and WiNG sensors to gain better insight into your building. Mike will discuss a variety of topics including:

  • How to use WiNG as a tool to gain visibility into any building
  • Interesting ways customers have leveraged WiNG and the F200 to gather data
  • Learn how the WiNG-ANLG can pull ANY sensor with an analog output into the WiNG platform


DeltaView - RLE's Patented GUI

Featuring RLE's Falcon FMS Monitoring Solution and
LD5200 & LD2100 Distance-Read Leak Detection Controllers

Originally presented on June 11, 2020 — Join Cam Rogers, Director of International & Western US Sales, RLE Technologies, to take a look at RLE's DeltaView integrated facility mapping technology and explore topics including:

  • What is DeltaView and which RLE products offer it
  • A demonstration of DeltaView configuration in Falcon and SeaHawk products
  • Leveraging DeltaView to quickly identify and resolve site issues


RLE Enterprise Connectivity and Integration

Featuring RLE's Falcon FMS and F200 Facility Monitoring Solutions

Originally presented on May 28, 2020 — Join Michael Hadt, Midwest Account Manager, RLE Technologies, to take a look at RLE's FMS and F200 monitoring products and explore topics including:

  • What an RLE Enterprise Facility Monitoring Solution looks like
  • Migration Path – How RLE products are integrated in to an existing enterprise strategy
  • Review example projects we've walked, designed or sold


Improve Efficiency Without Sacrificing the Health and Reliability of Your Facility

Featuring RLE's slotted and chamfer raised floor panels, custom containment solutions, and wired and wireless facility monitoring sensors and controllers

Originally presented on May 14, 2020 — Join Jen Beliveau, Business Development Manager, RLE Technologies, and Kevin Kent, CEO, Critical Facilities Efficiency Solutions, to explore efficiency topics including:

  • How data centers use so much energy
  • How to use data to pinpoint areas for improvement
  • How to leverage containment and airflow to improve energy efficiency