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Soft Containment

Soft Containment Solutions With A Quick ROI

Soft containment products are a very affordable way to implement hot and cold aisle containment in any facility. Soft thermal containment isolates hot and cold air, helps eliminate hot spots, and ensures only the hottest air is returned to the CRAC unit. This facilitates lower set points, helps prevent down time, and can lengthen the life of IT equipment.

  • Thermal Wall Curtains span the space between the tops of cabinet walls and the ceiling, and can also be used to create full length walls.
  • Thermal Strip Doors fill spaces where people pass into and out of contained areas and can be customized for any aisle size.

Custom Made For Your Facility

Every facility is unique and so is each containment project. Each of our containment solutions is custom manufactured. Before shipping, each job is precisely measured and verified to eliminate the need for cutting curtain track on the job.

Flexible Options

From ceiling to floor, ceiling to cabinet, or to fill gaps between cabinets, the flexible design of curtains is very appealing. Curtains can be cut to fit around ladder racks and other obstructions, and server racks and equipment can be moved in and out of a space without removing containment.

Key Features

  • Custom built to any length or width; custom hanging options available
  • Thermal links heat activated at 135°F or 165°F
  • Fire rated vinyl curtain
  • 90° radius corner track
  • Aluminum track
  • Twist clips for ceiling attachment
  • Curtains overlap 4” on each side of joints to seal against other curtains or against cabinets and walls.

Soft Containment Specifications

Clear Vinyl: NFPA 701 passed
Track: 6091 T-5 Temper Aluminum

UL Listed Fire Suppression Fusible Links

  • Heat Activated at 135°F: Minimum load: 3 lbs.; Maximum load 40 lbs.
  • Heat Activated at 165°F: Minimum load: 3 lbs.; Maximum load 45 lbs.

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