RLE offers a variety of damper options to help you fine tune airflow in your data center.  While our chamfer and slotted panels include our patented stratification fin, the addition of dampers can help adjust airflow down to the individual server level.

All three damper options attach onto the bottom of the floor panel.

Dampers Control Airflow For The Whole Panel

The embedded slide damper (EMB-ABI) and opposed blade damper (OPD) both attach onto and cover the entire bottom side of the panel.  Both dampers are adjustable from the top of the panel.  The embedded slide damper is more restrictive than the opposed blade damper because of the amount of airflow that is allowed through the panel – the EMB-ABI allows 50-70% of the airflow to pass through the panel at its maximum open position, while the OPD allows 85-95% airflow at its maximum open position.  The OPD is the more even, controllable damper of the two.

Air Baffles Control Airflow Fin by Fin

The individual air baffle snaps into place between the stratification fins on the bottom of the chamfer and slotted panels and allows airflow fine tuned more specifically than a full damper.

All dampers and baffles are compatible with Triad chamfer and slotted floor panels.

Embedded Slide Damper
Installation: Factory or Field

Depth: 2.5″

Full Open Flow Restriction: 30% – 50%

Full Closed Flow Restriction: 85% – 95%

Full Closed Leakage: 5% – 15% at .04 SP

Opposed Blade Damper
Installation: Field

Depth: 4″

Full Open Flow Restriction: 5% – 15%

Full Closed Flow Restriction: 85% – 95%

Full Closed Leakage: 5% – 10% at .04 SP

Individual Air Baffle
Installation: Field

Depth: 2.5″

Full Open Flow Restriction: 0%

Full Closed Flow Restriction: 75%

Full Closed Leakage: 15% – 25% at .04 SP

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