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Ceilings Cap Off Cold Row Containment

Our containment ceilings are designed to work under fire suppression systems and keep hot and cold air from mixing, completing your cold aisle containment solution.

Ceilings span the gap across the top of cabinets in cold aisle containment. They keep cold and hot air from mixing and are available in several styles to best suit your application.

  • Shrink-away ceiling panels are heat activated at 165° F and are designed to shrink and drop away in the event of a fire, allowing the fire suppression system to operate as required.
  • Mechanical ceilings can be built to either raise or drop and link directly to your facility’s fire suppression system. They reset easily and are made from the same heat activated material as our shrink-away ceilings, providing built-in redundancy.

Custom Made For Your Facility

Every facility is unique and so is each containment project. Our containment solutions are custom manufactured, ensuring a tight fit and tolerances for your specific application. Confidently use our ceilings in even cabinet height, variable cabinet height, and free standing wall applications.

High Quality Construction

Heat activated panels shrink away when temperatures reach 165° F so they do not interfere with fire suppression systems, and quality components ensure your ceiling is clear and your aisles are bright and illuminated.

Key Features

  • Clear polyvinyl shrink and drop panel
  • UL Listed and FM approved for use under fire suppression systems
  • Panels are easy to remove when work needs to be done above the aisle or the cabinets

Technical Specifications


  • Material: 6560 T-6 temper aluminum
  • Tensile Strength: 30,000 psi
  • Typical Panel Size: Shrink-away ceiling: 26” x 50”; Mechanical ceiling panel sizes are fully customizable
  • Certifications: Meets or exceeds ASTM E84 standards

Shrink-Away Panel

  • Material: 15 Mil Clear Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Smoke Deviation ASTM E84: 125 test result
  • Flame Spread ASTM E84: 15-20 test result
  • Certifications: Meets or exceeds ASTM E84 standards; UL-R4036 rated for use under fire suppression systems; FM-4651 approved for use under fire suppression systems

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