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Blanking Panels

Fill empty spaces in the front of your racks and keep cold air where it should be – at the front of the rack space.

Our blanking panels are available in a variety of sizes and colors to suit the specifications of your application, and are scalable, so you can adjust them as your application changes.

For 23″ EIA Mounting Rails

Pack of twelve = 144 1.75″ rack mount units; fills 3 – 84″ high racks

Fits all 23″ EIA 310-D compliant server racks/enclosures

Dimension: 20.875”h x 23.31”w x .04″d

Color: Black

For 1″ On-Center Mounting Rails

Pack of twelve = 252″ of 1″ on-center rack space

Fits 23″ wide 1″ on-center mounting rails

Dimension: 20.8125”h x 23.31”w x .04″d

Color: Black

19″ Wide, Scalable

Pack of ten 27U panels = 270 rack units

Fits all 19″ EIA 310-D mounting rails

Dimension: 47.25″h x 19.25″w x .04″d; 1.4lbs each

Color: Available in black or white

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