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Rigid Walls

Rigid Walls Complete A Polished Containment Solution

Rigid containment is the most effective way to isolate hot and cold air in any facility and gives your space a clean, finished, professional look. Thermal containment isolates hot and cold air, helps eliminate hot spots, and ensures only the hottest air is returned to the CRAC unit. This facilitates lower set points, helps prevent down time, and can lengthen the life of IT equipment.

  • Use above cabinet rigid walls for hot aisle containment. They enclose the space between cabinets and the ceiling and can be mounted to the top of the cabinet or suspended from the ceiling.
  • Floor mount rigid walls are leveraged in both hot and cold aisle containment as full walls and to fill the gaps between cabinets or between cabinets and walls.
  • Expandable rigid walls slide to fit variable width gaps. They’re ideal for data centers with ever evolving layouts.

Custom Made For Your Facility

Every facility is unique and so is each containment project. Each of our containment solutions is custom manufactured, ensuring a tight fit and tolerances for your specific application.

Quality Construction

Made with sturdy aluminum framing, you can choose from several different paneling styles, and we even offer customized anodized and powder coat finishes to coordinate with the aesthetics of any facility.

Key Features

  • Custom made to fit any gap
  • Precisely measured and manufactured for tight fit and tolerances
  • Built with anodized aluminum framing and clear plexiglass paneling

Rigid Door Frame Specifications

Material: 6560 T-6 temper aluminum
Tensile Strength: 30,000 psi
Finish: Clear satin anodize
Optional Upgrade: Custom anodize and powder coat colors

Paneling Specifications

NOTE: Rigid walls with a width less than 30” will use 3mm polycarbonate. Rigid walls with width exceeding 30” will be upgraded to 4.5mm polycarbonate.

Standard: 3mm clear polycarbonate; ASTM E-84 Class B; ASTM D635 CC1; ASTM D2843 < 75
Optional Upgrade: 4.5mm premium clear polycarbonate; 650°F self-ignition rating; UL 94 V-0; ASTM D635 CC1; ASTM D2843 Passed
Optional PVC: Clear PVC; FM 4910 Passed; UL 94 V-0; ASTM E-84 Class A
Optional Twin-Wall: 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate; ASTM E-84 Class A; ASTM D635 CC1

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