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A Case of the YETs

At RLE, we often hear the same rationale for not investing in a leak detection solution: I haven’t had a problem yet.

It’s that troublesome YET that will get you every time.

And take it from us, we’ve seen it happen time and time again.  Because if you don’t have a leak detection and monitoring system, it’s just a matter of time before you experience downtime.  Downtime that you could have prevented.

A Conversation Starter

Grounded in our long term experience with customers and focus groups, we’ve developed our Cost of Doing Nothing Calculator. The calculator helps you approximate the cost of a downtime event.

The numbers generated by the calculator are estimate values, and are not intended to provide a comprehensive cost of the impact of a downtime event.  The calculator is designed to give you a starting point, from which you can embark on a more in-depth cost of downtime analysis for your facility.

Use the calculator’s results as a launching pad to promote a preemptive leak detection and environmental monitoring solution for your facility.

Download The Cost of Doing Nothing Calculator

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