What Is An Isolated Power Supply and Which RLE Products Require One?   If you’re looking at RLE leak detection, you’ll notice that certain RLE controllers and products state a requirement for an isolated power supply.  Many users wonder about this requirement, … Continued

Falcon Facilities Monitoring Systems are designed to allow your team to monitor your facilities from anywhere through the product’s Web interface. However, VPN users do sometimes encounter a hitch. They may log in to the VPN, enter the Falcon’s IP … Continued

While our patented sensing cable virtually eliminates false alarms from contamination, proper installation can further decrease the chances of false alarms. False alarms that signal a contamination or leak cause unnecessary hassle to the people who must respond to them. … Continued

When you’re setting up a leak-detection system, you might overlook a simple but crucial component of that system: the power supply. Finding a cord to plug in your system sounds like a no-brainer, but be sure you choose an isolated … Continued