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We’ve had several customers ask about using PoE splitters to power RLE devices, so we asked our Engineering Team to look into PoE options.  They researched and tested a wide variety of devices and we’re now stocking and selling the 24V-POE-Kit.

Our Engineering Team adds one very important note regarding PoE and RLE products: Due to the power requirements of the RLE devices you must make sure your PoE Switch is PoE+ (802.3at) compliant.  The PoE+ standard allows for up to 25 watts of power delivery to end devices.  If your switch is not PoE+ compatible you will not be able to power RLE’s controllers using a PoE splitter.

The 24V-POE-Kit has been tested and verified to provide isolated power, so you can be sure your leak detection devices will work correctly.

Learn more here: 24V-POE-Kit Product Page

Click here to buy the 24V-POE-Kit.

Once you’re ready to install your PoE device, this document provides some guidance and support:

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