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Downtime Is Disastrous Business interruptions can be costly for companies whose livelihood depends on the continuous uptime of their mission-critical equipment and staff. According to Ontrack International, downtime costs can range from about $1M to $2.8M per hour depending on the industry, and water is one of the chief culprits. Further, water damage ranked second … Continued

A Near Meltdown It was the culmination of a year of frustration. John Dolinga, Telecommunications and Network Systems Analyst for the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball team, had selected an environmental monitoring system for his facility. “We had been working with their support for over a year to configure alerting properly,” says Dolinga. “Eventually we … Continued

When AT&T began building its Internet services in the late 1990s, the company faced a dilemma. It needed to install uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) in its facilities, but the devices wouldn’t interface with the existing network monitoring equipment in sites that were formerly SBC Internet sites. After some research, the company decided to make a … Continued

An RLE Technologies customer since January 2007, Expedient and its affiliates operate a national network of six data centers located in Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Richmond. The company boasts thousands of nationwide clients who use Expedient’s secure and redundant data-center facilities to fully manage their networks’ critical applications. Expedient also offers an array … Continued

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