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RLE Technologies attended AFCOM’s Data Center World in Orlando, Florida earlier this month. The annual conference allowed for industry leaders to connect with associates, sharing technology and business challenges. Equipped with monitoring, leak detection, and airflow solutions; RLE connected with both established and new industry peers answering questions and providing solutions for their mission critical … Continued

RLE has added two new products to our portfolio – a wireless carbon dioxide sensor and a spot detector with two relay outputs and audible and LED alarms. The WiNG-CO2 is the newest addition to the WiNG wireless line of environmental monitoring products.  The WiNG-CO2 is a wireless carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor that can be added … Continued

A global microchip shortage is impacting manufacturers worldwide and RLE products are not immune. We have worked with foresight and diligence to procure as much safety stock as possible and do not currently see short-term or long-term impacts to the manufacturability or supply of our products. The one exception to this statement is our recently released … Continued

We’re changing the terminology we use when we talk about integrating devices via protocols. The terms Master and Slave will no longer be used at RLE. Devices communicating via Modbus will be referred to as Client and Server devices, in alignment with direction from the Modbus Organization, Inc.: “The organization is using “client-server” to describe … Continued

Unique Challenges Face Higher Ed FMs Ray Parpart, Director for Data Center Strategies and Operations, University of Chicago, and Jay Harris,  Director of Data Center Services and Facilities, Clemson University, joined us on April 1 to talk about the unique challenges and scenarios they face as data center professionals in College and University campus environments. … Continued

New firmware has been released for the WiNG-MGR v2. Note that this firmware is for the WiNG-MGR v2 and is NOT compatible with the WiNG-MGR. Firmware files are available on our Firmware Updates and MIB Files page. Firmware Updates and MIB Files page Firmware Release Notes – WiNG-MGR v2

RLE’s services division is like having a dedicated RLE employee on your team – bringing all the experience and expertise of an RLE professional right into your organization whenever you need them! RLE offers a variety of services designed to help you maximize the capabilities of your leak detection and environmental monitoring systems. Bundled together … Continued

New firmware has been released for the LD5200 and LD2100.  Firmware files are available on our Firmware Updates and MIB Files page. Firmware Updates and MIB Files page Firmware Release Notes – LD5200 Firmware Release Notes – LD2100

Article contributed by Michael Hadt.  You can reach Mike at [email protected] As They Say, “You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure” Schools and universities, hospitals, industrial plants, commercial buildings, and data centers use data to drive comfort, visibility, and safety. Though wireless monitoring can be easy, the data is only valuable if something is done … Continued

RLE is proud to announce that we are now a CGNA Preferred Vendor. If you’re a CGNA member, purchasing RLE products just became that much easier! Mike Hadt will be doing a live webinar on November 4th to introduce our leak detection products to the CGNA community, and he’d love to see all you CGNA … Continued

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