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An Easy Transition To Triad Custom Containment

RLE custom containment is designed for durability, fit, and function. Our solutions represent the ultimate value in containment for data centers. From walls to doors to ceilings, Triad custom containment will fit your needs as well as your budget. Utilize this Custom Containment Checklist for a seamless transition to Triad.

Why source your containment needs from various companies when you can choose one solution best suited for your facility?

RLE professionals are ready to help you design, fit, and install the containment solution best suited for your facility. We will discuss with you the most effective way to isolate hot and cold air in any facility and give your space a clean, finished, professional look.

Looking to make an upgrade, but need help with where to start?

We’ve compiled this guide to help you start the seamless transition from your outdated containment system to a custom Triad containment system.

Download Our Checklist

Triad Custom Containment Checklist

Download Our Checklist

Have More Questions?

Still have questions about Triad? Check out our Triad Panel Replacement Checklist. And don’t hesitate to contact RLE Technologies. We’ve been designing complete containment solutions for 20+ years and are happy to help you build a custom system for your facility.

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