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We understand your fear: damage caused by water and fluid leaks can be both sudden and devastating.

That's why we've designed our SeaHawk product line to be the most reliable stand-alone leak detection solution on the market.  Here's what sets RLE products apart from the rest:

They're Fast

Detects leaks and notifies the right people via alarm, email, text, etc. within seconds.

They're Reliable

Patented technology virtually eliminates false alarms and can pinpoint a leak to within inches. 

They're Easy to Implement

Many solutions feature a plug-and-play deployment. 

They're Cost Effective

Highly competitive pricing and FAR LESS expensive than cleaning up from just one significant leak.

For additional information about how RLE can protect your facility contact us. Or provide a little information about your facility, and we'll tailor a leak detection system especially for you.
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