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As of June 30, 2010, we completed the rollout of the Coldfire processor to our FMS product line. This increase in processing power opened the door to a new era of FMS and has allowed us to provide valuable upgrades to the features and capabilities of the FMS. It was at that time that our firmware rolled from version 7 to version 8, and the enclosures for our FMS units went from tan to black.  If you're FMS is running version 7 firmware,  you have one of our older EM units and are missing out on the great benefits of a CF unit.

Since June 2010, upgrades to the FMS include:

  • Download our latest firmware updates FREE! If you have a pre-2010 unit, the firmware we release now is incompatible with your device.  You're missing out on all the new features and added functionality we've developed and continue to develop.
  • 100mb ethernet
  • Interactive web-based mapping tool that includes:
    • Facility floor mapping
    • Nest mapping
    • Real-time alarm mapping
  • Web page grouping display
  • New Nest/egg feature
  • Added PUE/DCiE capabilities
  • Improvements in SNMP communications
    • Support for SNMP V3, LDAP, and Radius
    • SNMP main capabilities
  • Protocol conversion
    • SNMP <--> Modbus
    • Modbus <--> BACnet
    • BACnet <--> SNMP
  • Future support for IPv6
  • Improvements to the web interface
    • Group alarm traps and input traps
    • New trending for external logging: 32 points, 3840 entries per point
    • Improved graphing
    • Customizable logos and graphics
    • Improved web user logs

FMS Facilities Monitoring System - 2U device
Newer FMS unit with CF processor

Falcon EM monitoring device - discontinued; replaced by the FMS.
Discontinued FMS with EM processor

How do you know if you have an older EM FMS?

  1. Is your FMS the white/buff color?  Then it's an old unit.  Newer CF units are black.
  2. Every unit has a date of manufacture. Look on the bottom of the unit and find the large white sticker.  If your FMS was manufactured prior to June 30, 2010, you have an old FMS.
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