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Product Installation

RLE’s Certified Technicians are thorough, hard working, efficient, and detail oriented. Whether you’re installing new systems or replacing damaged or outdated RLE gear, you can rely on RLE’s professionalism and discretion.

Installation services include product installation, startup, and commissioning.

What Sets RLE’s Services Apart?

  • RLE’s technicians have completed jobs in environments ranging from ultra-secure government buildings to facilities still waiting to receive their certificate of occupancy. Our installers have extensive familiarity with RLE products and will complete your installation, startup, and commissioning quickly and reliably.
  • A pre-installation conference call guides our process. Your technician will review your monitoring plans and confirm the products you’ve ordered are the right fit for both your facility and your monitoring goals.
  • Product verification. Once the install is complete, the technician will verify and commission the RLE equipment to ensure it is functioning per factory specifications.

Each Installation Includes:

  • A conference call to review your site or plan a site evaluation trip
  • Detailed and signed statement of work (SOW)
  • Once on-site at your facility, RLE Certified Technicians will:
    • Lay sensing cable and tie it into leak detection controller(s)
    • Mount and configure sensors, set thresholds, and confirm communications
    • Install accessory sensors into an FMS.
    • Run low voltage wires to sensors or to other specified equipment
    • Startup, commission, test, and verify your system

Installation Services Are Available For:

  • SeaHawk leak detection systems
  • WiNG wireless systems
  • Falcon FMS systems

Installation Parameters

Scope: Install, startup, and commission RLE products at the customer specified site. Typical installation requires two days of onsite access. Site requirements may vary based on number and scope of products to be installed.


  • Installation of new product(s).
  • Replace damaged, contaminated or outdated RLE equipment.
  • Provide a solution for customers who are not familiar with our product and installation practices.

Schedule: To be determined based on RLE Technicians availability and available dates provided by the customer.


  • Clear understanding of site and customer requirements. Typically handled with a conference call but may require a site evaluation.
  • Define the end user requirements which could include low voltage wiring to non-RLE products.
  • RLE does not run or provide high voltage power. This must be done by the customer’s licensed electrician prior to RLE arriving on site.
  • Signed scope of work from customer or end user before travel is booked.
  • PO issued for travel and expenses.
  • All controllers must be installed (power, communications, etc.) and mounted prior to arrival.
  • All equipment needs to be on site and accessible.
  • Customer must provide access to all areas of the site and a site escort if required by the facility.


  • Conference call to review site or plan site evaluation trip.
  • Lay sensing cable and tie into leak detection controller(s).
  • Mount and configure sensors, set thresholds, confirm communications
  • Install accessory sensors into FMS Falcon.
  • Run wires to sensors, or to other specified equipment.
  • Verify and commission all installed RLE products to ensure the equipment is functioning per factory specifications.
  • Provide detailed SOW.


  • Final walkthrough. Customer must sign off on installation and functionality.

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