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Sensing Cables For Leak Detection Systems

RLE’s conductive fluid sensing cable provides optimal protection for your facility when you don’t know exactly where fluid infiltration might occur.

By running a sensing cable around the perimeter of a room and/or in a serpentine pattern under a floor, you know whenever as little as a dropper-full of water touches that cable. RLE’s patented design assures fast response time while minimizing or eliminating false alarms due to dust, debris, or other objects on the cable.

And with over 20 million feet of RLE’s leak detection sensing cable installed world wide, rest easy knowing that your facility is protected by the industry standard for reliable leak detection.

Conductive Fluid Sensing Cable

Conductive Fluid Sensing Cable

Reliably detects damaging water leaks and other conductive fluids.

Chemical Sensing Cable

Reliably detect leaks via the presence of acids, bases, and other conductive liquids while resisting corrosion.

LSZH Sensing Cable

Conductive fluid sensing cable with low smoke zero halogen materials classification.

Rodent Resistant Sensing Cable

Conductive fluid sensing cable with rodent repellent composition.

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