Leak Detection Equipment Accessories

LC-KIT - 15' non-sensing cable and one end of line terminator

Leader Cable and EOL

Connect sensing cable to a controller and terminate your cable installation.

Non-sensing cable

Non-Sensing Cable

NSC bridges area in leak detection installs where sensing cable is not necessary.

PSWA-DC-24 power supply


24VDC power adapter recommended for use with RLE products.


24VAC power adapter recommended for use with RLE products.


5VDC power adapter recommended for use with RLE’s LD310.

Framed Reference Map

This framed map helps users identify the precise location of a leak.

Weighted cable connector - simulates 50' of sensing cable

Weighted Cable Connector

Provide distinct separation between sections of sensing cable.



Branch leak detection sensing or non-sensing cable in three separate directions.

Single Run Kit


Connect chemical and conductive fluid sensing cables in a single run.

Use j-clips to secure a cable installation


Use J-clips to keep your leak detection cable installation secure and in place.

Sensing cable caution tags

Caution Tags

Clearly mark the location and distance to controller of sensing and non-sensing cable.

Optional enclosure for leak detection controllers

Wall Mount Enclosure

A metal enclosure designed to securely house select leak detection controllers.