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The PSWA-DC-24 is a 100-240VAC to 24VDC power adapter.  This isolated medical grade unit is RLE’s recommended 24VDC power supply.

The PSWA-DC-24 comes equipped with a barrel connector and US type “A” blades.  Optional blades that allow the power supply to be used with C, G, and I outlets are not included with the power supply, but are also available.

Which Products Require You To Purchase The PSWA-DC-24?

The following RLE products require the PSWA-DC-24. If you purchase any of these products, you will also need to purchase this power supply:

  • 10K
  • LD1000
  • LD1500
  • LD2100
  • LDRA6
  • RA10x20
  • SD-RO1 (or WA-AC-24)
  • SMK, if it is not being used with and wired directly to an FMS

**Please note: the PSWA-DC-24 is included with the purchase of several RLE products.  These products include:

  • FMS (1U)
  • Protocol Converter (standard and dual port)
  • WiNG-MGR

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