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Single Run Kit

Join Different Types Of Cable In A Single Run

If your application includes different types of RLE cables, use the SR-KIT to join them together in a single run. Monitor them with a single leak detection controller.

The SR-KIT does not affect the accuracy of system readings or limit the amount of sensing cable that can be connected to a leak detection controller. Use an SR-KIT to:

  • Monitor different types of sensing cables with a single controller. Use the SR-KIT to connect conductive fluid and chemical sensing cables together in a single run.  In addition, monitor them with one leak detection controller.
  • Add another type of cable to an existing install. The SR-KIT lets you add a section of a different type sensing cable to an existing application. If you’re monitoring for fluid leaks and want to add a section of chemical cable, the SR-KIT makes that task quick and easy.

Sheer Strength: >180 lbs. (>81.65kg)

Cut Through Resistance: >40 lbs. (>18.14kg) with .005in (0.127mm) blade

Abrasion Resistance: 60 cycles per UL 719


  • Plastic: 4 pin, 0.96in (24.38mm) diameter
  • Metal: 4 pin, 0.51in (13mm) diameter

Operating Environment

  • Temperature: 32° to 167°F (0° to 75°C)
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% RH, non-condensing
  • Altitude: 15,000ft (4,572m) max.

Storage Environment: -22° to 185°F (-30° to 85°C)

Dimensions (per part): 8.3″ (21cm)

Weight (per part): .07lbs. (32g)

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