The RLE Technologies Preferred Partner Program (P3) is a community of RLE supported resellers that have committed to providing a focused marketing, sales, and support effort for RLE products with the goal of driving higher revenue and profitability for both organizations. As a P3 member, you will enjoy numerous benefits in the form of preferred pricing, marketing support, training, and much more. And these benefits are available to any partner willing to strategically engage with both RLE and the marketplace.


  • Highly trained and motivated sales staff
  • RLE’s best discount rates
  • More hand off business
  • Marketing support for improved sales funnels
  • Early access to products, information, and materials prior to non-P3 partners

Key Advantages

  • Lead Referral Program - RLE will provide inbound leads to Preferred Partners as appropriate based on geographical coverage and partner capabilities. There is no guarantee of quantity or quality, our intention is to provide not only early funnel leads, but highly qualified opportunities for your sales team to close.
  • Marketing Co-Op Funding - Based on YTD Preferred Partner performance, RLE will contribute personnel, resources, and or funds to Preferred Partners to offset marketing efforts that promote RLE products.
  • Sales and Technical Training - RLE will provide sales training for your team to help assure they are fully knowledgeable on the products and have all the tools needed to optimize revenue with our products.
  • Co-Branding of Literature - RLE will provide soft copy co-branded literature to Preferred Partners at no cost for use in sales and marketing efforts. Co-branding printed materials can be provided upon request but may incur a cost depending on quantity.
  • Eligible for Sales Incentives - If deemed appropriate by the Preferred Partner, RLE will provide valuable incentives to sales staff for promoting and selling our products. These incentives may be in the form of physical prizes or cash for reaching certain sales milestones agreed to by both the partner management team and RLE.
  • Discounted RLE Product Demo Kits - Preferred Partners will be able to purchase these valuable sales and marketing tools at a significantly discounted rate.
  • Product Launch Updates and Sales Tools - Preferred Partners receive “sneak peek” insights into new products, launch materials associated with new products, as well as premium sales tools to help you drive marketing efforts and revenue.
  • Quarterly Update Letter from the Executive Team at RLE Technologies - These updates will come directly from our executive management team and will provide valuable insights into the state of the industry, new RLE initiatives, and product roadmap information.


  • Agree to sign a RLE Preferred Partner Program Agreement
  • Maintain three or more dedicated outside sales representatives
  • Your sales staff participates in RLE training, incentives, and general interaction
  • Specify a geographic range you focus sales efforts on
  • Actively market to and engage with prospects in agreed to vertical markets, preferably
    • Data Center
    • Telecom
    • Facilities
    • HVAC
    • Oil and Gas
  • Make RLE products visible, searchable, and prominent on your website
  • Proactively strategize with RLE quarterly on marketing efforts and revenue generation
  • Consistently deliver revenue growth year over year
  • Agree to not carry a direct competitive to leak detection or monitoring solution


P3 participants have the confidence that they are receiving the marketing support need to find new business, the tools needed to engage with prospects, and the best possible discount required to win the work. And you receive all of these benefits for simply doing what most business savvy RLE channel partners are already doing, actively working and promoting RLE’s products in target markets. For more information about becoming an RLE Technologies Preferred Partner, please contact us. If you are an existing RLE channel partner, please contact your representative or call 800.518.1519.