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FORT COLLINS – October 29, 2013

Every October, the city of Fort Collins faces a recurring, if brief infestation that cannot be contained by normal means. In response to the expressed concerns of city residents, the abandoned tunnels that underly the Old Town area have been outfitted with specialized equipment to alert and combat the imminent seasonal threat of ghosts from days past.

Old Town Fort Collins is known for its refurbished buildings and sites of historic importance, which add to the considerable charm of the neighborhood. However, such charms inevitably come with hazards not found elsewhere. Every October the authorities receive reports and complaints of a very specific type of infestation. (For more on this threat, we refer you to the experts: https://www.fortcollinstours.com/fortcollinsghosttour).

Old Town Fort Collins Haunted

This year, the city has partnered with local Fort Collins business, RLE Technologies, to create a solution to the problem.

Per the request of the city, RLE has adapted its renowned fluid detection and facility monitoring equipment to ensure that all citizens are safe in their homes and in the streets. The installation will be complete and the data will begin transmitting on October 30, just in time for the annual confluence point commonly called All Hallow’s Eve.

Working together, RLE and the city have laced the tunnels with an adapted cable that not only detects and alerts to the presence of water and hazardous chemicals but also the presence of ectoplasm – the gelatinous residue left behind by these creatures of the night. These specialized cables allow city officials to pinpoint exactly where – within the maze of abandoned tunnels – these spirits can be found.

RLE has also placed wireless sensors that detect sudden drops in temperature, which frequently accompany the same manifestations.

In fact, thanks to RLE’s F200 monitoring appliance, citizens of Fort Collins can celebrate the holiday knowing that the city has been able to integrate fluid detection, temperature changes, and even motion sensors into a grid that will instantly alert the authorities to any unwelcome visitors.

“We’re committed to the safety of our community,” says an RLE representative. “We’re very in tune with our customer base, and used our agile development process to ensure that all Fort Collins citizens are safe in their homes and in the streets. We’re used to protecting facilities from water and chemical leaks – ectoplasm’s just another link in the chain.”

The city is prepared to mobilize and contain any threats.

The tunnels and people of Old Town are safe from both the dead and the undead this Halloween.

If you have any further concerns, please feel free to contact RLE Technologies.


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