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It’s BICSI time again – the 40th BICSI Conference and Exhibition will be held from January 20 – 24 in Tampa, Florida.  RLE has attended this conference for several years now, and we’re very excited to leave the Colorado deep freeze behind and head to sunny Florida.  But BICSI’s not just about sun and fun – although they are great perks!  Here’s what you’ll need to know to get the most out of your BICSI experience:



What is BICSI?  I keep trying to work out a good acronym in my head. 

Well, you can take a break from that, because BICSI is not an acronym (at least not anymore, it’s not).  Originally, yes, BICs was an acronym for Building Industry Consultants. This vaguely-named organization was focused on the telephone communications industry. In 1977 it was re-formed as non-profit organization Building Industry Consulting Service International, Inc. However, in  recent years it has grown to encompass so much more in its scope and reach, that “BICSI” has taken on an independent meaning of its own and is not necessarily considered an acronym.

We’re regular attendees at BICSI shows, and this promises to be one of the best BICSIs yet!  BICSI celebrate their 40th Anniversary at the 2013 Winter Conference and Exhibition.  This conference will expand your technical insight, networking base, and familiarity with quality vendors essential to the future of your business.  Here’s what you can expect:

  • Professional educational presentations by industry experts
  • Groundbreaking exhibits, featuring new technologies and business solutions
  • Networking opportunities galore, in the Exhibit Hall and at every turn
  • Annual Awards Banquet
  • Annual Business Meeting, with installation of new BICSI board members
  • 6th Annual Cabling Skills Challenge
  • Special 40th anniversary festivities

I’d love to go to BICSI!  What address do I program into my GPS to get there?

Tampa Convention Center, 333 South Franklin Street, Tampa, FL – find us at booth 828.

Pack casual clothes – the atmosphere and attire is business casual, bordering on just plain casual. Dress comfortably and wear good walking shoes!


 What should I make sure to see at the show?

Well, our booth of course!  Stop by our booth – 828. We’ll have some great giveaways so don’t be shy. We’ll also be tweeting during the event and you can follow the excitement by using this years official Twitter hashtag #BICSI or follow our company @RLETechnologies.

It’s a credit to BICSI that they schedule their shows with care.  Training and classes are scheduled to ensure that there are no conflicts with the exhibit hours. This is something to be grateful for; the exhibit hall is where all the fun stuff happens. Attendees get to meet vendors and visit the booths to see all the current and new technologies available to them. It also provides time and a location for networking, tasty treats, and adult beverages! (Just don’t use all of your drink coupons on the first night.)

Hey RLE – since you’re old pros at this, what other tips do you have for me?

Why thanks for asking!  We’ve polled our in-house team and here are their top suggestions:

Jenny says, “Travel might be stressful, but coffee always cheers me up.  So here’s a coffee-related tip for you.  Have your Starbucks card ready when you go to claim your baggage at the airport – by the baggage carousels at the Tampa airport is a nice little Starbucks, and you’ll have time to grab a pick-me-up while you wait for your luggage to get from the plane to the terminal.”

Cam’s tip? “If you are in the mood for a tasty meal between expo hours, make sure to take a short walk across the bridge from the convention center to Jackson’s Bistro for some waterfront dining… YUM!”

Christina says, “Champions Sports Bar in the Tampa Marriott – is a great place to gather your team for drinks and food.  Plus, the floor in there’s a tennis court.  How fun is that?!?”

We know we’re not the only folks that have been to BICSI before.  If you’ve been there, or if you’ve traveled to Tampa, share your best advice and we’ll set you up with 5 extra BICSI raffle tickets!

If you’re looking to check out the Exhibition Hall at BICSI, send us a note – we’ve got evening-only floor passes to share!

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