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People attend trade shows and conferences like BICSI for a lot of different reasons: to meet and befriend people in related industries, to explore new technologies, to get out of the office for a little while, to rendez-vous with other secret agents doubling as harmless conference attendees and pass on top secret information vital to the ongoing security of the entire world. (Or maybe not. Think about it, though. Great cover for spies. Keep your eyes peeled).

But ultimately, the point of going to these things is to learn. You’re going to learn a lot just by walking the expo floor, but the true gold is hidden away in the darkened auditoriums, where industry experts give little talks or chats or lectures on stuff you may not have thought about before. Some of them even offer continuing education credits to those intrepid souls who attend.

One such is RLE’s own Cam Rogers, who has been asked to give a talk on reducing downtime by identifying water leaks. Cam’s talk will be on Monday at 6:30 at BICSI’s fall conference in Anaheim, California.

These days, pretty much every business has a room where the technology could be devastated by a leak in the wrong place, with a cascading effect for business operations. Cam’s talk is geared toward minimizing the risk and minimizing the damage.

During his E3 presentation participants will learn why they need leak detection, what it does, why you should install one before you have a water leak problem, and how spending money on a system can actually save money for a business. Cam will lead a hands-on educational demonstration of our leak detection products so attendees earn CEC credits by coming to the presentation.

With 11 years of leak detection experience in the field, in system set-up, and with a variety of businesses, Cam has accumulated enough knowledge to rightly be called an expert. Though here at RLE Cam has graduated to developing equipment manufacture and distribution contacts and working with corporate clients, he still regularly conducts site visits to identify issues that could result in costly downtime. He’s been interviewed by Automated Buildings for his expertise on leak detection and has presented at 7×24 Exchange, Sensors Expo, FMA Congresses, and AFCOM/Data Center World.

He has put together a well-received lecture series entitled “Making Sense of Your World” which covers why site monitoring is critical, identifying current and future monitoring needs, and choosing the right monitoring solution. Cam’s experience in speaking as well as his chosen field makes his presentation a must-see.

And we’re pretty sure he’s not a spy.

Check out the other BICSI speakers and make sure to plan out your conference time to maximize the value you take home with you.

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