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RLE’s sophisticated technologies protect your valuable resources and operations.  Whether you need to monitor a single room or building complexes across multiple locations, we can customize a solution for your unique facility requirements.

Reduce Risk, Save Money

Contingency plans and insurance cover damage that has already occurred. Instant leak notification prevents damage from occurring in the first place.

Many insurance companies offer incentives to companies that include leak detection in their protection plans because of the extent to which it reduces risk.

What You can Expect

  • Constant protection. RLE assures business continuity by protecting your mission-critical equipment and processes. With our systems in place, you know about leaks instantly, reducing the risk of costly water damage or critical data loss.
  • Experts at the ready. Strengthen your contingency plan. Our experienced engineers and risk specialists can help you assess where your facilities are vulnerable to water and other conductive fluids such as acids, glycol (used in cooling systems), and alcohol.
  • Scalable, customized solutions. Our broad product portfolio makes it easy to customize a leak monitoring and notification solution that scales as your facilities evolve.
  • Easy integration and centralized system management. RLE solutions require no proprietary software and communicate using standardized management and Internet protocols (Modbus, BACnet, SMTP, SNMP). You can easily manage multiple monitoring systems via RLE’s unified, integrated platform.

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