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Great Things Come In Small Packages

In case you didn’t know, we’ve been excited this month about the launch of the Falcon Wi-MGR. It’s a sensor monitoring gateway that streamlines communications between remote sensors designed to monitor the environment in your critical facility.

But the reasons we’re excited may not be quite what you think.

Yes, we’re excited about the equipment itself. This evolution of an old concept (namely our old Falcon FDS-Wi) has an unprecedented level of flexibility and an incredibly intuitive display and user interface.

It monitors sensors both wired and wireless, and a lot of them. It has an enhanced web interface that provides an single, easy-to-read view of the sensors in your facility and can send alarm notifications to a smartphone or a web browser.

So, yeah, we’re pretty excited about introducing a great piece of technology.

But what we’re even more excited about is the opportunity to respond to and even exceed our customers’ needs and requests.

Because when you’re providing tailored solutions for facility monitoring needs (and therefore peace of mind), it’s not always enough to put together the right pieces.

Sometimes you’ve got to build them from scratch.

New Product Features, Same Old RLE

We’re happy with our new creation. But what really has us excited is the fact that you, our customers, our partners, our community, asked us to build it.

And we could.

In fact, our entire manufacturing set-up is designed to allow us to be quick, flexible, and responsive to the needs of our customers.

The vast majority of our updates and developments are driven by specific requests from people who use our products. Sometimes we hear from our vendors, sometimes from the customers directly.

Regardless of how we get the data, we never discard it.

We keep track of the requests we receive and feed them into a dynamic product pipeline that fits together the desired changes into either enhancements or completely new creations in a way that is both as efficient and as cost-effective as we can make it.

So when we’re able to take a great product and make it even better by incorporating the needs and wants of the people who actually use it?

You bet we’re excited.

Not an Isolated Incident

Like we said, being able to provide this level of response is hugely important to our company and has driven quite a few of our product upgrades over the years and into the future.

As you probably know, our leak detection cable is one of our signature products and we’re tremendously proud of it, just as it is.

But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t believe our customers when they told us there was room for improvement.

In 2012, in response to customer feedback, we were able to add features to the cable that extended its detection beyond water. We now offer a version of leak detection cable that detects chemical leaks and is resistant to chemical corrosion as well.

We were also able to help out some of our European customers by introducing an ingredient that repels (without killing) the rodents that had been gnawing on their leak detection cables and causing breaks in the lines. (Like the Pied Piper in reverse).

In the fall, we’re hoping to expand the list of the substances detected to hydrocarbons and petroleum fuels as well.

All because you asked.

So…What Can We Do For You?

So, now that you know we’re paying attention, how can we tailor our creations to meet your needs? What additional features or new products would you like to see introduced to any of our product lines?

We can’t guarantee that they’ll see the light of day. But we can guarantee that we’re listening.

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