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What a great week for RLE!

First, we hit a major revenue goal.

Yep, that’s us, looking great and celebrating the record-setting shipment.  It’s so rewarding to see everyone pull together to hit a major goal. Smiles all around and quite a few “Cheers” in the process.






Now, we’re featured on the front page of The Processor!

Pop on over to The Processor online (or dig into the print issue that’s probably on your desk) and check out this great article. We talk about the Falcon FMS and discuss some firmware enhancements that add some new functionality to an already robust product (mapping and nesting, anyone?).

We also chat about SeaHawk products, including cables, controllers, and integration.

And best of all, if reading the article raises any questions for you, pop back here and submit them through the comments at the bottom of this page.  We’ll give you the answers ASAP!



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