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Falcon FMS firmware version 8.6.11 is now available. This update includes two important improvements to the FMS web interface:

1) User Configurable, Custom Interactive Maps

Patented Facility Mapping Technology
  • Colors identify the alarm status
  • Digital inputs displayed as squares
  • Analog inputs displayed as values
  • Modbus groups are displayed as circles (and link to the information from the group)

2) Simplified Power Monitoring with PUE/DCiE Calculations

  • Monitor the main power feeds and/or each individual circuit
  • Signals can be integrated into FMS via Modbus
  • Alarm thresholds can be established
  • PUE/DCiE meter can be displayed on the main page and up to 16 values can be used for the PUE/DCiE calculations.
  • Calculated values can be logged

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